Information Security & Management
– the need of the hour


  • To create the awareness amongst the associates/employees
  • To train identified associates on ISO 27001 requirements
  • To train on Internal Audit – Planning, Conducting & Follow up

Course Coverage

  • Basic concepts of Information Security
  • Types of controls to ensure Information security & Practice
  • Nature of threats faced with live examples
  • Overview of the Risks that corporates are exposed to Information Security area and the mitigation steps
  • The role of IS Management in Managing OP Risk in banks under Basel II compliance (for banking clients)
  • Fundamental concepts about IS audit – the role of auditor and auditees
  • Compliance Management

Target Audience

  • IT & Operations staff in Banks or any institution using IT
  • Internal Auditors/ associates identified for conducting internal audit – for internal audit training program

Course Duration

  • 13 days (depending on the specific needs of the individual clients)

Benefits to the organization

  • The programme creates the basic understanding of the importance and the critical role that Information Security plays in current day environment
  • Relevant theory, law and practice
  • Various experiences and best practices shared
  • The participants will be introduced to
  • Different standards frameworks like ISO 27001 & CoBIT,
  • How to respond to Incidents and Incident Management
  • Preliminary understanding of BCP and the steps involved