Market Drivers

  • An evolving industry – undergoing rapid transformation
  • Increasing regulation - Initiatives such as Basel II, etc.
  • Globalization - heavier trade volumes and 24/7 operations
  • Instrument Commoditization – less margins, sophisticated instruments, more competitive pricing.

Business Drivers

  • Revenue growth - to increase revenues with less margins
  • Risk management – more stringent regulations and to manage risk early
  • Cost control – In particular banks seek to:
  • Keep headcount low – run processes more effectively by managing exceptions.
  • Increase productivity – enable existing staff to work more efficiently
  • Decrease system costs – by using efficient systems to reduce deployment costs.
  • Analytics – Analysis of the market, history, etc. to decide on the price in the competitive market

What we can do?

  • Review of existing processes
  • Gap analysis
  • Revision of existing processes
  • Development of new processes
  • Implementation of modified/ new processes

The benefit to the clients

  • Better processes
  • Globally standard practices
  • Adequate internal controls
  • Compliance facilitation
  • Achieving the market and business goals/ drivers
  • Alignment of IT strategy with business strategy