Are there bankers in banks?
– General Banking Processes


To provide basic understanding of Banking practices and operations

Course Coverage

  • Overview of Banking Industry
  • Introduction to Banking Theory, Law & Practice
  • Banking terminologies demystified
  • Various banking products
  • Various types of customers
  • Awareness and clear idea of an overview of Banking Industry
  • Definition and basic accounting aspects & Practice
  • Types of banks
  • Types of customers
  • Different types of deposits and advances
  • Basic understanding of NI Act
  • Preliminary understanding of Statutory and regulatory agencies and compliance
  • Fundamental working knowledge about front office responsibilities like
  • Cash handling
  • Remittances
  • Deposits
  • Retail Advances
  • Basic banking accounting practice

Target Audience

  • Front office staff of banks
  • Technical team in IT companies working in Banking projects

Course Duration

Three to Five days

Benefits to the organization

  • Understanding of Banking jargons essential to handle operations
  • Relevant theory, law and practice
  • Various experiences and best practices shared
  • Will get ready to undergo next stage of training focused on specific areas of banking like
  • Retail banking,
  • Corporate Banking
  • Credit Appraisal and Monitoring
  • Working Capital Finance
  • Trade Finance,
  • Corporate Finance
  • Payment systems
  • Treasury, Money Market Operations, derivatives, etc.
  • Risk management