The Law will not spare - Compliance Management


To make the organizations comply with various laws

Course Coverage

BS standards Types of controls to ensure Information security

Types of compliance

  • Regulatory
  • Statutory
  • Standards &
  • Client specific, etc

Current compliance requirements

  • Basel II
  • Sox
  • Clause 48 of SEBI
  • ISO Standards

Target Audience

  • Middle and Senior level officials in Banks
  • Middle and Senior level officials in corporates

Course Duration

  • One day workshop

Benefits to the organization

  • Different practices across the globe
  • Relevant theory, law and practice
  • Various experiences and best practices shared
  • The programme will bring awareness for the participants on all important areas of Compliance covering
  • Defining compliance requirements and processes
  • Implementation & maintenance
  • Roles & responsibilities of compliance team
  • Issues relating to Non-compliance
  • Challenges in Compliance Management